So you think.

(hoot -even if you didn’t, yet)

So you think again.

(short and longer if you did, or would.  You can add a longer to someone else’s hoot, as-)

Sometimes many do.

(twice and the same for those particular things you stand in disagreement of, or would, should the time arise)

It mos seems a lot easier to control people than it is to love them.

(twice the same, even if you didn’t quite even think, yet)

It is mos.

(short and longer, mos)

Behold, these citizens are all dead.



(join the choir)

Before one can receive, one has to learn to give.

Humbly, as we are all just human.

Perhaps a short and longer really means: Think again.




PS: Ants have two-way radios.  All hear when anyone talks, but not when an ant talks to its self, back in time.  Such intuition helps each ant personally to learn to survive those slow wintery months.  Any ant can merely decide to share his wisdom, and find the wisdom of the eventual results, directly in the present from any of the other ants around.  It is they who, after all, in time, will come to live with the results.

That’s also how the buggers get to your crumbs.